Helase Repair Cream


It all started in 2010 when Science Daily reported the discovery of a powerful DNA-repairing enzyme that’s missing in humans, but found in most animals and plants on the planet: photolyase.

Most animals and plants naturally produce this protein, but humans are a relatively new species, and it looks as though our DNA and bodies have not yet evolved to the stage where we create our own DNA-correcting photolyase.

Logic says that this is probably why our skins are more susceptible to sun damage and even skin cancers. Thus, Dr Wagemaker and the team at Lamelle have spent the last few years finding a way to introduce photolyase topically to our skin. Helase 50 is the inspired result.

Product Description

Why repairing DNA is revolutionary

Most people don’t even realise that most skin conditions and what we think of as the symptoms of ageing are actually due to deep-seated damage inside our skin cells over years of sun exposure. Sunlight physically damages (breaks apart) or mutates skin DNA over time.

We recently discussed these processes in our post on How The Sun Makes You Look Older. And, to a great extent, preventing this damage is the real reason we wear sunscreen.

Sunscreen and antioxidants have, until now, been our only defence against DNA damage. And they have always been able to merely prevent damage – thus there was no means of reversing already existing damage.

But now, with Helase, we are able to not only prevent, but also physically correct dangerous DNA breaks and “kinks” such as dimers.


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